International Show Strängnäs, Sweden 130308

Judge Karin Ögren, Sweden
Total entry AST 28
Total entry 3021

Bootcamp Almighty Hero “Zimba”
Junior Class
Excellent 1 – Handler and Co-owner Cecilia Benjaminson

Bootcamp Attractive Athena “Doris”
Junior Class
Excellent 1 CK, R-CAC  Handler Cecilia Benjaminson

It´s definitely exciting with shows, it can go either way, and it´s all up to the judges, and of course the dog and handler 🙂 Zimba was BOB last weekend, but today he did´nt even get a CK, judge thought he was a little bit to big (he has never got that in critics before) and that chest could be better development. I´m glad for our young boy anyway, he did great performance as usual and he is only 14 months, a lot of time to develope 😀
The judge was very hard, only two males got excellent so I´m glad Zimba was one of them, and only one male got CK, no male got the CAC :0 this is kind of unusual!

The females did a bit better and I´m very happy Doris got the CK, only 6 females got CK!

I would like to congratulate Kattis and Hosse for the Champion title if their beautiful “Viljah” well done and she deserves it 🙂

Thank´s Mari for a fun but long day 😀 you always spoile me with all your help 😉

There was strange lights in this hall so we did´nt get good pictures, but here is a few….

Judges Comments:
Junior Male of excellent type to the bigger size. Head with good width, enough muzzle. Correct bite. Beautiful neck and topline. Correct tailset. Chest can develop moore in time.  Mooves with good drive, excellent muscledevelopment behind.

Junior female of excellent type and size. Very feminine expression. Correct bite. Dark beautiful eyes. Beautiful neck and topline. Correct tailset, nice paws. Good chest for the age. Beautiful coat and color. Mooves beautiful from every direction.


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