National Show Borås, Sweden 130629


Judge Morgan Granander, Sweden
Total entry AST 21

Zican´s Limited Edition “Skrot”
Junior Class
Excellent 1  CK  BM1  CAC  BOS -Handler and owner Cecilia Benjaminson, Co-owner Patrik Cederlöf

SE JV-12 TLN JW-13 Bootcamp Attractive Athena “Doris”
Intermedia Class
Excellent 1 CK  BF1  CAC  BOB - Handler Cecilia Benjaminson

Another great day for Zican and Bootcamp :D

Today I had the great company from our daughter who also helped me handle “Doris” in BOB class, Nathalie Nielsen-thank´s sweety <3

Doris o skrot Borås BIR BIM Doris o Skrot Borås










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