Our Trip to Estonia and the Three Winner Titles to Doris and Zimba

Once again me and Carola desided to cross Östersjön, this time to Estonia. Surprisingly wanted Mari, Zimbas “mom” and Kristoffer, Carolas son go with us, happy news 🙂

The trip was very well planned and everything went so smoothly. Dogs behaved great the whole trip and charmed a lot of people on the boat and we had a lot of good laughs 🙂

This time we went with big and fresh “Baltic Queen”









We entered the arena and it was so crowded, beautiful and very well arranged but small rings and a lot of people and dogs, I did not feel “like home”. There was a total of 1866 entered dogs.

Tallinn Winner Show a very well arranged and nice show

Tallinn Winner Show a very well arranged and nice show








We started by looking in the catalouge of the entering dogs and I said to my friends-WHAT THE …(BIIP)… ARE WE DOING HERE???? LET´S GO HOME!
For real, it was not that many Amstaffs, but hey what pedigrees, AND so many titles that I stopped reading after a while, and many of them had cropped ears with I think gives the dogs stronger, more beautiful heads.

After finding a small spot, we sat down and kind of melted that we probably would go home emptyhanded this time. It´s not like me to “give up” in advance but the dogs….I recognized their names so well, I saw them walk by, and they had a LOT of titles and were after very good dogs. Well, we desided to do great performance and to have FUN, in the end that´s what it´s all about 🙂

First our  Bootcamp Almighty Hero “Zimba” was up! To my surprice he won the class and became TALLINN JUNIOR WINNER 2013!!! 😀 I could hardly believe it! I thought the title should go to Pure Power Joker from Finland, he is HE JW-12 and HE W-12 and he was beautiful! But apperently judge Astrid Lundava liked Zimba better <3  

Then our SE V-11 Multichampion Zican´s Icon “Biffen” was up, he was´nt himself this day at all and did not want to run as he usually does 🙁 After we understod that he was in pain, probably he had been laying in the draft from the window when he was still wet from the shower I gave him, this I have really learned my lesson from 🙁 poor “Biffan”. Anyway, I´m proud that he placed 2:nd in Championclass, and 4:th best male, just one place from the Estonian CAC. And it would´nt have matter this time if he had run, judge liked some of the others better, she wanted more powerful heads with stronger muzzle.

After Biffen there was a bit stress for us, luckily I had Carola there to help we handle in Best Male since both Zimba and Biffen got CK. To my BIG SURPRICE Zimba WON BEST MALE AND THE TITLE TALLINN WINNER 2013 TOO!!! 😀
“IS THIS FOR REAL” I´m still thinking…………

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After this “kick” it was Bootcamp Attractive Athena “Doris” turn. AGAIN I was surprised! She WON THE TITLE TALLINN JUNIOR WINNER 2013 and J CAC!!!!

After this it was kind of stressful again since apperently in Kennel Club Shows in Estonia they also have BOS & BOB Juniors, I had not counted on that, so again Carola helped me and Zimba was BOB Junior and sister Doris BOS Junior. This mean that Zimba is going to the Best In Show Junior Final.

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Kristoffer helped a lot with changing our numbers back and forth and Mari did´nt keep up with what happened all the time (witch I understand, I hardly did after all years of showing) THANK´S SO MUCH CAROLA; KRISTOFFER AND MARI! Without you this show would have been a disaster for me 😉

Carola and CIB Capa Tosta Lupetta “Lilo” did get the CAC-congrats to that.

Then it was Best Female Class, again, I can hardly believe but Doris placed 2:nd…..after the beautiful  BLRCH C.I.B. EST J CH EST V CH ESTW08 ESTW09 MDCH RUS J CH Severnaya Zhemchuzhina Olimpia from Russia, congrats to owner. This dog has 26 CACIB :0 ) and did place BIG1 this show.

Zimba ended up as BOS <3

We are very proud of our ”puppies” (now 15 months old) who are in top show after show….This is ”Zimbas” third BOS this year (one BOB) and ”Doris” second junior title!

I can still not believe this happened, I´m about to burst of pride. 

To get this results with dogs from your own litter is a feeling I cannot describe…..To see ”Zimba” and ”Doris” place better than dogs with titles like HE JW 12 HE W 12 C.I.B EST V CH EUR W 11BALT J CH BALT W 12 and so on, and so on, makes me stunned but incredible happy. And what a great behavior our dogs had the hole trip! Love them to bits! No words can describe these feelings….

Now I´m starting to get really supertitious-since I got my beautiful jewellerys from Jewellerys Af GoldStandard I had great success in the rings-I will never show without them…..

Without you I would´nt be where I am today – incredible of you to support me like this! It warms my heart! <3
Also thank you Jenny Stein for the loan of the father of our ”puppies”.

”Doris” and ”Zimba” is after SE UCH Zican´s Li´l Rock ”AC” and SE UCH FI UCH Zican´s Bojangles.


Here comes random pictures from the trip
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