X-Ray Results Hips and Elbows Svante

Now we finally got all results from Swedish Kennel Club from the x-ray of the 9:th puppie from The Gladiator litter, only one left to X-ray. At same time we also x-rayed our “Skrot” and his sister “Leija”

Bootcamp Aerodynamic Prime “Svante” HD A/B and ED 0/0, congrats to owner Natti and Martin with family 🙂
Svante BOB Pup Norrköping










Zican´s Limited Edition “Skrot” HD C/C and ED 0/0 (Co-owned with Kennel Zican)
Skrot BIS Tånga Hed 120825





“Skrot” deserved better hips if you ask me, so we will go with him again in six months.

Zican´s Final Cut HD B/B and ED 1/1
Leija sover fin










X-Ray was done 130218 in Partille. Thank you Lena for fantastic work! The veterinarian that scanned the x-rays was Annie Liman.

We also checked puppies heart and Patella (not official tests) and everything was ok! Feels so good! It also was very nice to hear that Monika and Lena had never seen a litter that was so similar with each other in the joints, that´s a very good quality check for me! We will though x-ray again in 6 months on Zimba, Studsa, Doris and Skrot because we felt they deserved better results.

Here are the results of the Gladiator Litter wich we are very pleased with:

Bootcamp Aerodynamic Prime “Svante” HD: A/B ED: 0/0    
Bootcamp Aloof Wolf “Sonic” HD: B/B ED: 0/0    
Bootcamp Awsome Bullet “Bella”   HD: B/B ED: 0/0    
Bootcamp Aflame Phoenix “Phoenix” HD: B/B ED: 0/0    
Bootcamp Amazing Amazon “Studsa”   HD: C/C ED: 0/0    
Bootcamp Attractive Athena “Doris” HD: C/C ED: 0/0    
Bootcamp Appealing Stinger “Kaylee” HD: C/C ED: 0/0    
Bootcamp Almighty Hero “Zimba”  HD: C/C ED: 0/0    
Bootcamp Abnormal Tor “Tor” HD: C/C Injured elbows    
Bootcamp All In Pansar “Pansar”, X-Ray in mars-13        

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